Keystroke Knowledge is now part of Oscar Research Ltd. A new website will be available shortly. Meantime, please contact us for count requests or any other enquiries. Data and service levels are unaffected by the changes and we look forward to continue providing high quality data solutions and support to Keystroke clients.

Welcome to Keystroke Knowledge! We are a small information management business specialising in PUBLIC SECTOR lists. Quality is our key word.

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We are aware that the structure of public sector organisations can be confusing - we therefore offer a free advice service to help you choose the areas that are relevant to you. We can suggest the most appropriate contacts for your requirements - just give us a call.

Keystroke Knowledge was established 20 years ago; our regular customers include many public sector organisations in Local and Central Government, national charities, universities and conference organisers.

Where does the data come from?

Our in-house team at Keystroke Knowledge research all the information directly with each organisation in our databases. The research is carried out by a variety of methods to ensure the most thorough results. All our information is regularly checked and updated because we regard accuracy and reliability as vitally important. Further assurances about the data quality are provided through regular usage by our high profile clients.

How do I choose which information I need?

The starting point is to look at the data sheets for the types of organisation you want to target. The data sheets are contained in the data pack.

There is a separate data sheet for each of our databases giving a brief description of the particular list and a breakdown of numbers of addresses in each of the available categories. The number of matching records for the whole UK is shown alongside each category. For example:- Local Government officers can be selected by a) job function b) type of authority c) size of population served by the authority. One or more of these selection criteria may be used in a count. Apart from the categories specific to each particular database all of the information can be selected by geographical location (either by county or postcode).

Job Function is used as the prime category on several of the databases - job titles vary greatly and we have found it more helpful when categorising to use the function of the job to identify responsibility. However, when you receive the data, each individual record will contain a specific job title.

What does the data look like?

Data can be supplied on labels, CD, or e-mail. We can provide data in a variety of formats; either ASCII comma delimited, CSV, Excel or Access. Each address normally consists of a named contact, job title, affiliation and address with the optional addition of telephone numbers, fax numbers, job function categories and categories relating to the organisation as illustrated below.

Mr E Mann Categories
Director of Resources
Anon County Council County Council category relating to organisation
County Hall 350,000-399,999
The Road
SOMETOWN First Tier Officer
XX1 1XX Administrative Services job function category
Financial Services
Tel: 01111-234566
Fax: 01111-234567

De-Duplication of records is done automatically

In the above example, the Director of Resources has two job functions - administrative services and financial services. If both of these job functions were in your selection criteria Mr E Mann would only be counted once. This overlap means that it is not always possible simply to add the numbers next to your chosen categories on the data sheet to get an exact total - contact us for de-duplicated counts.

How do I order?

Since the number of records we hold is constantly changing, and duplications may need to be removed (see above), you will need to contact us for an exact count before placing an order. We usually fax or email a quote, which is returned to us signed, & then the data will usually be sent out within 2 working days, quite often the same day although this cannot be guaranteed.

Plaese have a look at our contact details

Additional services provided by Keystroke Knowledge

We can keycode data by adding your code to each address, to help you monitor responses from your mailings.

Special data selections which do not correspond to our standard categories or locations are also available, for a small extra charge.

Mailing fulfilment - why not let us provide a full mailing service? Details of this service are available on request. Please contact us for further details on any of the above services.